Why Choose Us?

You have lots of choices, but why not hire a company with thousands of hours of experience?

We travel all over capturing footage and you have to be smooth and creative when shooting video. We can take any

experience using our creative eye and turn your special day into an experience you will remember forever with a

video from Time-Keepers Productions.

Part of what makes us elite videographers is our ability to adapt to whatever the situation may be. Everything

doesn't always go according to plan when shooting and you have to be ready to act fast to capture every detail

of that special day.

We have a friend....

You have family or friends with a video camera who are willing to tape your wedding. As well intentioned as they

may be, they can’t capture your unique celebration the way our trained and experienced professionals can. We

have invested thousands of dollars in cameras, microphones, and editing equipment to capture the best images and


Time-Keepers Productions uses 2 skilled videographers to capture all the action from multiple angles. Think

about walking down the aisle, exchanging your vows, placing rings on each others fingers and your first kiss.

These are just a few things that we make sure to capture from several camera angles. You shouldn't have to worry

about if these things are being captured or not from a family member or friend video taping your life-changing

event. Your family member or friend should be enjoying themselves at your celebration.

After we have captured all of your special day, we then use our experience, training, and creativity to produce

a final product that is truly worthy of your special day. This is definitely something you will want to remember